East Tennessee recognizes the value of our natural and cultural resources in our state and local parks. These natural resources have a positive effect on your mind, body and spirit, and particularly a healing spirit. East Tennessee, along with the State of Tennessee has taken unprecedented initiatives to preserve the natural beauty and recreational resources. Five national parks, seven state parks and seven lakes are within a 2-hour drive of Knoxville, offering more scenic views and recreational opportunities than one could ever imagine! East Tennesseans take great pride in our natural resources, with initiatives in place to conserve the natural beauty, the pleasing aesthetics, and the cultural and historic resources; while providing opportunities for enjoyment to humans and animals in their natural habitat for future generations. Knoxville has been a role model in the region, and perhaps the nation with strategic Greenway planning and partnering, resulting in a 1000-acre Urban Wilderness, downtown that includes 10 parks, 40 miles of recreational trails and 4 Civil War sites. Green initiatives are in place with many parks and Greenways to ensure sustainability of natural resources. Allow all of your senses to be engaged in East Tennessee!