The Process

Patients that drive onto the Provision Health Alliance campus for treatment at our Center for Proton Therapy will receive a personalized treatment experience specific to their needs and diagnosis.

As one of our patients, you will first complete a consultation with a specialist, discussing the details of your diagnosis and determining whether proton therapy is the appropriate treatment for you. If it is, together we’ll decide whether it should be combined with any additional treatment options.

Simulation Visit
Prior to starting your therapy, you will experience a pre-treatment simulation, which will prepare you for therapy and allow our specialists to determine the ideal treatment plan for you. The Provision team may fit you with an immobilization device that will keep the area to be treated motionless during treatment sessions and walk you through imaging procedures with the use of a computerized tomography (CT) scan, and possibly positron emission tomography (PET) scan or a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

During Treatment
At the time of treatment, the radiation therapists will outline what the day’s treatment will look like, then position you on one of our treatment units. Our therapists will be able to communicate with you from the control room as they rotate various parts surrounding your body to ensure that the protons are distributed to the appropriate area.

Treatment is non-invasive, and will take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, with the majority of that time spent ensuring that the radiation will be administered where it is most needed.  Your physician and team of nurses will meet with you weekly to assess your treatment.

For the duration of your treatment, you will have the option to stay in our convenient, comfortable housing options for patients and their families. Patients are usually treated five days a week for five to eight weeks. During that time, you’re encouraged to explore the surrounding city and take advantage of our amenities, including our wellness center and scenic walking trails.

After Treatment
Within four to six weeks after your proton therapy treatments, you will have your first follow-up appointment with your radiation oncologist. We will continue to monitor your progress, and our physicians will determine a follow up plan that is best for you and the type of plan to follow moving forward.